Concorso Ferrari and Friends - West Hartford CT


In June the Ferrari and Friends group hosted their annual fund raiser for the Children’s Hospital. There were many brands of cars and Alfa Romeo was well represented. Frank LaSala organized a series of parking spaces for the club. We filled those and we were forced to fill other spots along the boulevard.  Alfa owners are a proud group and the turn out proved it.

However to me there were two moments that stood out. The first was that Rick Pocock arrived in his Montreal along with Jeff Greenfield who also brought a Montreal. Jeff has been bringing his to several events, but Rick’s has not been seen for many years. Thanks to Jeff and Dave for working with Rick to get it going again. As the pictures show Rick was not done trying to get his money’s worth out of Dave. That is Rick directing Dave to improve the appearance of the Montreal.

The other standout moment was when a new member of the CT group Martin Pazzini took best original car with his 1985 GTV6. Martin is the original owner of the car. As you would expect from the award, he takes great pride in maintaining the Alfa in top shape.

One of the goals for the club is to post an article or photos every month to the web site. If you are interested in participating, just send me an email. You can find my email address on the website.


Martin Pazzini.JPG