Two Roads Diverged In A Yellow Wood

Another Wallingford start at 10:30 AM with a fifty plus mile route to Essex’s historic Griswold Tavern. Some of the same routes from Apples and Oyster were used but in different sequences. The autumnal foliage presented well though the weather was a bit chilly. The route was designed to have cars coming from opposite directions, and leaving intersections by different routes. At one point participants followed the rallymaster off course. Cars failed to keep the one minute interval urged by the rallymaster in the route instructions and tended to convoy, defeating the design. One memorable road was Weise Albert Road that seemed to wander all over Middlesex County. Participants falsely boasted of their exploits as well as reliably predicting the election results at a thumping good lunch at the Gris. Rallymaster: Jim Trowbridge, route checkers Dee and Mark Palmieri who were our breakfast hosts. Special thanks to Dee Palmieri for coordinating the email traffic.