Tour of the Last Green Valley

CTAROC and the New England chapter of AROC (AONE) joined up for a fantastic lunch at Jim DeWale’s residence in Woodstock, CT. Each chapter drove a separate route, with AONE choosing to incorporate a gimmick rally into their drive. Fortualty we had a break in the previous two weeks of rain. A big THANKS! To Jim for hosting this fantastic event.

2017 Simsbury Fly-In and Car Show

In attendance were Roger Carlson, Frank La Sala, Mary Demers and the Trowbridge bothers. Vintage cars and some cool WWII trucks were on display. I never seen so many early Corvettes. Fiats Healy’s and MG were well represented. The Austin-Healy group were all together and they had their monthly meeting at the airport. We should try that some time. Special event was a B-17 fly over and some great model plane acrobatics. Early morning fog delayed the schedule and some of the special planes from coming but the cars were more than enough entertainment. Great event as always.