Michael Davias

1963 2600 Sprint -  1967 Duetto - 1971 1750 GTV - 1976 Alfetta GTV - 1991 Spider


First up for discussion is the 1991 Alfa Spider. Our Spider has been very reliable since purchase on eBay in 2004. Originally sold in Ohio, CarFAX shows it quickly was moved to the Carolinas. A former owner had the engine rebuilt and repainted in a gorgeous black finish in 2001. Maintenance demands were initially quite light, although I did install a new windshield and a new fuel pump & filter early on. At the three year-mark, the instrument pod was sent out to Palo Alto Spedos for a freshening up. The addition of a windscreen was a blessing for the long ride out to the Detroit convention and the 1000 km tour around Lake Huron. Summer ‘08 fixes: Replaced door panels, spark plug wires and power steering hoses. A shop noted that one trailing arm bushing was a bit soft, so that started a chain reaction that saw most front and back suspension bushings replaced, along with the shocks (Koni Classic) and Springs (IAP). Everything removed and powder coated. She now has a iPod-interfacing Sony radio. The latest addition was a proper factory hard top, which I bought on eBay - again, from North Carolina!